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Since 1973, the team at Wolverine Lawn Services, Inc., has grown from two people with a lawn mower to a team of professionals offering full service operations in all manners of services having to do with landscaping, sprinkler installations, and lawn care. Kalamazoo, MI, homeowners also call upon us to shovel snow, plow their properties, and even hang their holiday lights when the time is right.

Our commitment to customer service is unwavering. We aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to fertilization, designing your green spaces, and helping you choose flowers and shrubs that will flourish under our care. Then, we can take steps to control the insect population and any diseases to which your plants may be susceptible.

We take pride in contributing to the beautification of this community. We have a way to contribute our services in any season. From spring and fall clean ups to summer pruning and salt bag sales during the winter, we see our work as never quite finished.